Seek First is intended to create space for discussion and reflection on topics related to Christianity, spirituality, and the search for meaning. This offering is borne out of conversations I have had, and continue to have, with friends and family about current events, the institutional church, spiritual practice, and other   topics that pique my interest, and is also grounded in my work as a seminarian, an oblate, and a church worker.

“Only creative faith can resist the onslaught of of destructive faith” – Paul Tillich (Dynamics of Faith, 1957)

img_5733Nicholas Tangen

I am a life long seeker who is passionate about spirituality and the spiritual life. I currently live in NE Minneapolis with my wife Kristin. I am working on my Master of Arts in Leadership with a focus on Social Transformation at United Theological Seminary, and am currently working as the Minister of Faith in Community at University Lutheran Church of Hope. I am also an Oblate at St John’s Abbey in Collegeville, MN.